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  • October in Madrid

    October in Madrid


    It's the mid-sixties. Marcel Hanoun is visiting Spain and trying to get a film off the ground amid various setbacks, hesitations, and dwindling resources--he is not a world-renowned director of great means. Hanoun has a 16mm camera, some lights, the means to record sounds, and some reels of film, but instead of using them to proceed with his production (which he's still trying to find the right actors for), he largely uses them to document the world around him. This…

  • Say Amen, Somebody

    Say Amen, Somebody


    A film that builds strength as it progresses, George T. Nierenberg's Say Amen, Somebody is an essential document if one has an affinity for gospel music specifically or vintage black music in general. One doesn't need to be an adherent to Christianity or theism in order to see the virtues and talent on display here. The gospel music featured in the film, usually though not always sung and played in church, presents an avenue for joyous exaltations and reverence for…

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  • Parasite



    The Oscars are dumb.

  • Aniara



    Hyper-modern Scandinavian luxury hotels in space, huh? Don't count on it. I have enjoyed several of Isaac Arthur's videos on YouTube dealing in speculative science as it pertains to people of the future colonizing space, but most of these visions smack of being pipedreams at this point in human history. America, for one, can't even repair its crumbling (if not broken) infrastructure. We have no back-up power grid in place in case of an EMP attack. And most Republicans (and…