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  • Titane



    A suffocating thriller that is visually aggressive with a soundtrack that is ravingly colourful and piercingly high energy, Titane feels, sounds and acts like a film that will cement itself as a timeless classic that will be remembered in the 2020s as an iconic and special piece of cinema and its topicality with the current world resonating on unconscious levels that are difficult to explain.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise



    Yeah the hype is warranted. 
    So many times I’ve been given a film rec that’s praised so much it leaves a bar impossible to attain but this is a rarity.
    I’m a sucker for romance films that are real and I mean the dialogue in here is so palpably genuine, there’s no pretense or Disney level of polished saccharine, Celine and Jesse feel like real people reacting to their strong atraction to eachother.
    The chemistry is beautiful, fantastic acting…

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  • Hellraiser



    Ahh 80s horror… The stimulating creativity of practical effects, the campiness, and creepiness that goes beyond the camp to create at times really disturbing imagery and ideas and occasionally hilariously random too like the nuns that appear when Kirsty is escaping the house and Frank, the 80s were really unmatched in some aspects when it comes to horror.
    This movie is making me want to check out stranger things S4, which was clearly inspired a lot by this movie in particular, even Kirsty looks eerily similar to Eleven.

    Recommended by Will


  • Zola



    Zola is trashy, funny, hilarious, stylish, tragic, sad and abrasive. The soundtrack & score is deliciously contemporary and well selected and is complimented perfectly by the Floridian vibrant landscapes, the two leads are very entertaining and alluring leads, in a very Showgirls-way; Their personalities are quite shallow and unexplored which works perfectly for this type of story. 
    The last 25 minutes caught me off guard and i’m not sure I liked the addition of Rileys perspective and that relatively abrupt ending but it was a very refreshing ride overall.
    I didn’t really need to see that one penis.

    Recommended by Mother!

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    This is a masterpiece.

    How do I start? 
    Why have I not watched asian cinema earlier?
    This movie feels epic without having any battles, set pieces or explosions. 
    It does because of its characters.
    It’s a story about relationships, and this gives it opportunity to touch on many themes such as true love, choices, honesty, death and loneliness.
    I don’t know if it is due to translation or not, but I’ve noticed how asian dramas have such beautiful dialogue; simple…

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    Second one in the trilogy finished.
    Beloved Jesse and Celine have matured and it shines through their whole new meeting as the films emotional core is composed and more solemnly expressed.
    What a fantastic feat this is and visionary of director Linklater to choose to film this trilogy with so many years apart.
    Dialogue that is once again beautifully real and grounded guided by these two acting stars.
    I gotta say Celine is absolutely the centerpoint in this one, specially…