Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★

Wrath of Man works fine as a tight crime thriller, but I think it's even better if you consider the paranormal angle Guy Ritchie sprinkles throughout the film. Statham is shot six times in the chest area but somehow miraculously survives. From the moment he wakes up from his coma, his only concern is to kill the man who murdered his son in cold blood.

Now, we can take all if this at face value and just consider Statham as a vengeful father. However, if we venture down that route, Ritchie leaves us with several unanswered questions: How did he survive being severely shot in the chest on two separate occasions and appear to walk out with only scratches in the second encounter? Why does Statham's former crew look like they've seen a ghost when they try to pick off his truck early on in the film?

To answer these questions, I keep coming back to how several characters refer to Statham as a "dark spirit". They appear to be using that phrase metaphorically, but what if Statham is literally a lost, dark spirit that has unfinished business on Earth? This theory would explain his total disregard for money throughout the film, his seemingly rapid healing in the final encounter, and why his crew look so shocked to see him. In that case, the true 'Wrath of Man' is greed and Statham is only the undertaker.

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