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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    A story of a young man, who goes by Baby, brought into the world of crime because of a car theft he did. He is the getaway driver with tinnitus and he uses the music that he listens to for his timing and cues for the robbers to make a pretty much perfect heist. He wants to pay off his debt to Doc, the criminal mastermind behind each heist and the man whose car Baby stole, so that he may…

  • Her



    A compelling story about Theodore, a man who fell in love with an artificial intelligence, and the emotional whirlwind that is relationships, Filled with sadness, anger, joy, and many other emotions that occur between two regular people.

    The colour coordination of a scene in the whole film is remarkably accurate to how Theodore feels after an emotional situation, whether it is a joyous occasion or when something happens that saddens him.

  • The Book of Eli

    The Book of Eli


    A wonderful movie about a lone wanderer named Eli who is heading West through a post-apocalyptic US with a book so that he may spread its knowledge to those who deserve it.
    I recommend this movie to all who care about a good plot with some action sequences in between.