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  • 1990: The Bronx Warriors

    1990: The Bronx Warriors


    As far as cheesy low budget B-Movies go, it seriously does not get any better than 1980s Italian rip-off movies. If you think of any popular Hollywood genre movie from the 70s and 80s (Exorcist, Evil Dead, Jaws, Aliens, Mad Max, Indiana Jones, the list goes on) there's a very good chance that Italy has their own very-obvious low budget rip-off of it made in the 80s, and chief among them is 1990: The Bronx Warriors, a cheesy low budget…

  • Sniper: Ultimate Kill

    Sniper: Ultimate Kill


    The Sniper series is a huge guilty pleasure for me, and I've loved each and every entry in the series thus far, with the exception of the previous movie, Ghost Shooter. I actually had no idea a new entry was being made, much less had come out, especially since it has only been about a year since Ghost Shooter was released, so I was pretty surprised when I came across this listed on Itunes as having just come out.


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  • Killjoy Goes To Hell

    Killjoy Goes To Hell


    After watching the first dreadful Killjoy movie, I never would have thought that it would get a sequel, much less three of them. But 12 years later here we are with Killjoy 4 just being released.

    Killjoy Goes To Hell actually has what I feel is the most interesting plot of the entire series thus far – Killjoy is on trial in Hell for not being evil enough, due to getting defeated at the end of the previous movie. Alongside…

  • Road Wars

    Road Wars


    Road Wars is more than just a Mad Max mockbuster. Sure, it has all the regular stereotypical Mad Max ingredients, such as a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland, characters with classic 'futuristic' 80's style clothing and hair styles wearing various facepaint, thick round sandstorm goggles, custom helmets and headgear with horns and the like on them, driving around in decked out battle vehicles filled with spikes and various weaponry, in addition to rival desert gangs going to battle with one another. Make…