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  • Demon Wind

    Demon Wind



  • The Purge: Election Year

    The Purge: Election Year



    The Purge 3: Election Year is probably my least favorite in the series. I still enjoyed it, but it's the one I can see myself rewatching the least.

    It's pretty much just the exact same movie as the second one, with a lot of the same types of characters and even subplots to it, just with a political spin added into the mix. What I loved most about the first movie going into the second is that each of…

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  • Killjoy Goes To Hell

    Killjoy Goes To Hell


    After watching the first dreadful Killjoy movie, I never would have thought that it would get a sequel, much less three of them. But 12 years later here we are with Killjoy 4 just being released.

    Killjoy Goes To Hell actually has what I feel is the most interesting plot of the entire series thus far – Killjoy is on trial in Hell for not being evil enough, due to getting defeated at the end of the previous movie. Alongside…

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom



    After a rewatch, I've come to the conclusion that I really love this movie. First time I watched it I knew I liked it but I wasn’t sure how much and I was confused as to how I really felt, it’s definitely something different for the franchise that’s for sure, but different is exactly what the franchise needs at this point, 5 movies in. After watching it a second time I feel much more confidant in my feelings about…