Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies ★★★★★

The Asylum is normally a pretty solid source of fun, campy, entertaining low budget B-Movies and Mockbusters (low budget rip-offs of big budget theatrical movies) and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies is no exception.

Actually, if anything, this is one of Asylum's best efforts at the time of release in 2012; Great gore, exciting well-shot action scenes, realistic-looking set pieces and locations for the time period it was set in, above-average acting by their standards, catchy music, and even though I didn't care for movie lead Bill Oberst Jr in Haunting in Salem, I thought he was perfectly cast here as the title character with his switchblade-esqe zombie-killing scythe.

Some of the zombie make-up and acting was a bit underwhelming, but I'm willing to overlook that since every other aspect of this was really well-done for such a low budget affair, and this was just one hell of a fun watch, regardless of whatever faults it may have due to its tiny budget.