Arabian Nights: Volume 3, The Enchanted One

Arabian Nights: Volume 3, The Enchanted One ★★★½

"I do not think the fate of men should be subject to a madman."

As for Volumes 1 and 2, I am not able to coherently formulate criticism beyond stating that this was the weakest of the three and I have learnt more about Chaffinches than I could ever wish to . So will just write up some of the highlights from the notes and quotes I took. Vague spoilers may follow:

Great music at the start of this. Story of a rogue Scheherazade. Amazing split screen scenes. Paraglider and boats in background of shots. Deliberately places story in the present. Thief called elvis, what a legend. Most playful of the volumes to date.

The Inebriating Chorus of the Chaffinches
Bird trappers are an odd bunch. Oh hello Dixie. I know more about chaffinches that I'd ever hoped for. Housing blocks?

Hot Forest
Security forces probably alluded to earlier. Chinese girl caught up with it all. Became lovers with Cata. Who got her pregnant. Struggled to get an abortion. Deported. Narration of Chinese girls struggles juxtaposed against image of security forces protests.

Back to Chaffinches
They should make this an Olympic sport. Ok that is starting to feel like Cemetery of Splendour "I was flying high but then I descended and got caught in this net."

Two word review: Chaffinch overload

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