As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty

As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty ★★★★★

Almost 5 hours filled with every aspect of life. What I find extremely comforting about this film is: it makes you feel that the way you see the world matters. Your feelings matter, your thoughts matter. The way you live inside your head, matters.
What's interesting, is that us people may be really different from each other, yet some things and the way we see/perceive them, seem to connect us through the same "language", the same emotions. It's such a beautiful thing, we're more similar to each other than we can possibly imagine. I, myself, found so many similarities/similar experiences to the ones the film shows.

This film makes you wanna live your life to the fullest, chase all sorts of dreams, go out, observe others, the nature..just watch the world as it spins&live in the moment.
It makes you feel less afraid, gets you in touch with your emotional side and fills you with hope for the future.

Throughout it I only managed to wonder: How do they feel? What are they thinking?
I wonder if Mekas thought about this too. How did he think they felt? Is it really possible to figure out what the other person feels in the moment? These clips make you think it is. That's the magic about it, it shows how one can really understand the people around him/her by just observing them. By giving them the space to be themselves, to feel all kinds of feelings, to move in all sorts of ways and appreciate them as whole beings.

As a conclusion, I wish we lived in simpler times, as the film shows. I wish we could enjoy each other's company more, dare to experience more, jump out of our comfort zones, just LIVE more. It's bittersweet. It almost feels like we can't go back to how people used to enjoy life.

I'm really grateful for this film, and I'm glad I spent these 5 hours. It's the perfect reminder for a person- to live, to feel, to be yourself, to be there for the people you love, to be close to nature, to not give up and, most of all, to FILM. Thank you Mekas for this affecting, yet comforting, film filled with the beauty of life and filming. I wish everyone who watches it can make you a little bit proud by realising what you communicate through it and bringing it to life.

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