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I watch a lot of “bad” movies. Big fan of adverbs.

Favorite films

  • Poltergeist
  • The Thing
  • The Odd Couple
  • Glory

Recent activity

  • Tricks of the Trade


  • Spring Break


  • Absolon


  • Nickel & Dime


Recent reviews

  • Tricks of the Trade

    Tricks of the Trade


    Tonally WEIRD TV-movie where stockbroker John Ritter is murdered in the apartment of his favorite prostitute Markie Post. Wife Cindy Williams investigates and the two form an unlikely alliance to solve the crime. Williams even has to go undercover as a hooker (kinda) for some reason.

    There's some comedy bits, usually a few minutes after someone is brutally murdered. But the only notable thing here really, other than Markie Post being in standards and practices-defying hooker outfits for the entire…

  • Spring Break

    Spring Break


    Two pairs of dudes end up double booked in the same hotel room during Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. They become friends immediately without conflict... refreshing. Anyway, hijinks, etc etc.

    Friday the 13th director Sean S. Cunningham takes a stab (tee hee) at a sex comedy and thanks to Harry Manfredini's score it sometimes feels like just another slasher except that no one is popping up out of nowhere to ruin the fun with sharp instruments. But that's all it…

Popular reviews

  • Foodfight!



    The movie that's running on the monitors in the waiting rooms for Hell.

  • Think Like a Man

    Think Like a Man


    This is a very strange extended commercial for a Steve Harvey book.