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  • Undone



    took the last two episodes or so to get me fully or at least mostly on board, but especially since i finished it this has been sitting in me like a brick. holy SHIT rosa can act, and holy SHIT waksberg and kate purdy can write. at first i wasn't really feeling this one entirely (more pure enjoyment than resonance). as i think about it its writing is showing itself to be increasingly more nuanced and genuinely powerful. i didn't…

  • Metayouu



    I keep thinking about this one lately. I don't have much meaningful to say, as much as thoughts keep swarming in my head about it. There's so much to untangle here. Hits a raw nerve for me in such an unexpected way, more so than his others strangely. Imperfect for sure but god dam are the best moments really really really fantastic. Still some of my favorite filmmaking I've seen this year. It comes together more as a whole piece…

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    Genuinely one of the most enigmatic and fun to think about films ever made. A true cinematic rabbit hole where everyone who falls in can come out with a different idea of what happened, personal to them. It's an endlessly hypnotic, engrossing experience which explores sexuality, love, how the subconscious influences our life and our decisions, gender dynamics, sexism, and so much more. It's a dreamlike, hazy, yet simultaneously vivid journey through the night unlike any other. It's such a…

  • Melancholia



    Melancholia 08 review (spoilers ahead)

    Art to me is above all, at its best, a means of pure expression. It's a way to make the intangible tangible, bring emotions and ideas to life. All my favorite pieces of art, from music to poetry to cinema, were able to capture feelings and concepts close to me - like they reached into my heart and ripped those feelings straight out for me to view with fresh eyes. Things like White Ferrari by…