Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Love Exposure was an experience truly unlike any other I've had with a film. Hilarious, devastating, disturbing, it's an absolute emotional rollercoaster that has such a distinct style and feeling which remains unmatched. It's constantly on the move, briskly jumping from idea to idea and never letting up this incredible momentum. The movie has some of the craziest, most concentrated and edge-of-your-seat build up I've seen. It's the type of thing you fall into and can't look away from until it's over, all 4 hours.

I also suspect there are deeper things to be gained on a rewatch which makes me look forward to that highly. It was so thoroughly enjoyable though, despite not understanding everything, or maybe even partly because of it. I love, love, love the stylization, characters, music, and cinematography, I can't stress it enough. The writing is stellar too, taking unpredictable, uncompromising plot directions without feeling needlessly extreme or cartoony on execution. When we are allowed to take a breath in the less action packed moments there is some surprisingly powerful stuff. I really did not think what I was watching for the first hour would turn into something so emotional by the last 30 minutes. 

One of the best times I've had watching anything in a while. I'll miss how it felt to be on such a wild journey through love, sin, vouyerism, cults, sex, trauma, boners, embarrassment, and triumph.

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