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  • Phenomena



    Ah, well, clearly Italian horror and I will never get along.

    I see on IMDb that this movie had a $3.8 million budget. That's about ten times what I assumed while I was watching it. There must have been one hell of a craft services table, because the money clearly wasn't spent on lighting, sound, or multiple takes. My initial opening line for this review was going to be: "Ah, the 80s -- when anyone with a half-baked idea, a…

  • The Devil's Wedding Night

    The Devil's Wedding Night


    As of late 2017, this is streaming on Amazon in the US as "Full Moon of the Virgins", FYI.

    Just another euro-vampire flick from the 70s, featuring several cold, unappealing sex scenes, under the cover of a paper-thin plot. (Dashing twin brothers go hunting for a magic ring in Dracula's castle, yada yada yada.)

    The camera work is almost funny -- special effects are minimized in favor of lots of random camera angles and techniques, which makes for a jarring visual stew. Mixed with music that vacillates between bad-spy-movie and harpist-on-crack, and large stretches without any dialogue, and you've got yourself a boring yet disconcerting experience.

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  • Hellraiser



    I hadn't seen Hellraiser for probably 15 years. A friend has been bugging me to re-watch it, and I'm really glad I succumbed to the peer pressure. This is a really good movie -- not just a really good horror movie. The direction and cinematography are crisp and vital, and the movie chugs along briskly and with purpose. The story is certainly unique, as well, of course.

    Honestly, one of the reasons it took me so long to re-watch this…

  • House



    What the fuck did I just watch? I am more or less speechless.

    I wonder what my life would have been like if this had been the first movie I had ever seen. If this movie were my baseline for normal...

    Really a one-of-a-kind experience.