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  • Night School

    Night School


    What a total waste of resources. I weep for civilization.

  • Molly and Me

    Molly and Me


    A light-hearted, middling romp. One of its great virtues is casting a middle-aged woman in a lead role that could easily (and annoyingly and wrongly) have gone to a younger leading lady. And Gracie Fields is excellent in the role.

    Monty Woolley is his usual, awesome, curmudgeonly self. The rest of the cast is fine (though they don't have a whole lot to work with), and we get a good performance from a young Roddy McDowall, as well as a fun appearance by Mrs Howell from Gilligan's Island.

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  • Hellraiser



    I hadn't seen Hellraiser for probably 15 years. A friend has been bugging me to re-watch it, and I'm really glad I succumbed to the peer pressure. This is a really good movie -- not just a really good horror movie. The direction and cinematography are crisp and vital, and the movie chugs along briskly and with purpose. The story is certainly unique, as well, of course.

    Honestly, one of the reasons it took me so long to re-watch this…

  • House



    What the fuck did I just watch? I am more or less speechless.

    I wonder what my life would have been like if this had been the first movie I had ever seen. If this movie were my baseline for normal...

    Really a one-of-a-kind experience.