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  • Bad Girls
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  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    Best horror movie I've seen all year. Maybe my favorite movie of the year so far. It's not going to win any awards for originality. Pretty much all of the setup and plot devices have been done (to death) before. But there are enough legitimate jaw-dropping shocks to keep you entertained and characters you actually connect to and feel sympathy for that you will be engaged. A grim, nasty little movie that won't be for everyone. Perfect running time. Special…

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43

    I paid a dollar for this at the Dollar Tree. I don't mind losing the dollar, but I'll never get that time back. Admittedly, I did muster a guilty laugh a few times during the first bit with the neck balls. It was way downhill from there. Where does the money and starpower come from to make a film like this? Of interest only to those who want to ponder how something like this ever got made. I'd like to hear THAT story.

Popular reviews

  • Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus

    Cool Cat Fights Coronavirus

    I mean you don't really expect or even want a Derek Savage movie to be "good" but seriously lower your expectations on this one. The first question most will ask is "where did all the crowd-funding money go?" Derek Savage is voicing both of the main characters and he definitely sounds like "Daddy Derek" as each one. One gets the impression that the "Dirty Dog" character who thinks Coronoavirus "is a hoax" is probably delivering Derek Savage's actual feelings about…

  • So Vam

    So Vam


    This was the best thing I saw at Salem Horror. Super-fun teenage queer vampire horror/comedy with great story, well-written characters, and fantastic acting performances by everyone involved. The movie moves at a good pace and only drags (pun not intended) during a couple of drag performances that could have been tightened up just a little a bit. This is a minor quibble just for the sake of offering some constructive critique. I wouldn't change much about this. Overall, this is excellent escapist horror and I think everyone involved has a bright future ahead of them.