Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★


Adam McKay is the exact opposite of Aaron Sorkin: he has a vision and a camera handling that makes easier the understanding of complex subjects for general audiences in an entertaining way... but his scripts, despite being functional, hide certain pretension, have dialogues with forced humor and we wouldn't care about the characters if they weren't played by famous actors. Here, the sour and irreverent humor is reminiscent of the sitcoms from the 90's and 2000's and is based on criticism towards media, society, government and businessmen like Elon Musk... but like The Big Short and The Laundromat, the jokes aren't as funny as they should.

The characters may be too cookie-cuttered for the plot, but the entire cast sticks to the frantic pacing to create a patent dedicated to exploring human wickedness and stupidity, taking the form of denialism, media bombardment with irrelevant news or topics (while paying little attention to what really matters), and the superficiality current affairs are treated with. Part of the character development feels forced, it reiterates several ideas previously raised and has a sloppy editing, inserting images that don't have much to do with the situation.

Despite all the problems it has for trying a political-social cynicism full of black humor, we must be fair: it's an uncomfortable manifesto that leaves no one dissatisfied, and best of all, it's not condescending with anyone. It's not afraid to insult almost everyone with the sole purpose of entertaining, to remind us that when shit is about to blow the fuck up, laughing at our own imbecility with our loved ones will be the best medicine to face our extinction. Nevertheless, it's still a story more interesting than it is good (or in this case, funny).

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