Inception ★★★★


Christopher Nolan's most ambitious work brings out, besides his genius and overwhelming originality, his greatest weakness and his main enemy: himself. That cloying of pretension between his director self and his writer self shows perhaps the clearest example of this symbiotic and damaging duality here, the result of a negative attitude that had been fostered with fame and after acquiring all the creative freedom he wished for. A film of extremes: great, yet pretentious, complex, yet predictable, intelligent, yet absurd. Proof that demonstrates that Nolan can overshoot himself with no sense, but luckily made it clear he'll never betray his style and creativity.

Perhaps it's a story with plot holes and pipe dreams that the director tries to forcibly unite. What is its worth then? That those shortcomings and excesses are hidden under stunning special effects, premium performances, masterfully directed action scenes (with legendary sequences that also help actors excel) and one of the best endings in history. In the end, a revolutionary film thanks to the visual spectacularity Nolan risks with in the search for a good and complex premise, a risk that, like a dream, is disconnected from reality. And most importantly, it proved that millionaire and spectacular blockbusters can be made, and at the same time challenge the audience with a smart story.

In addition, it's the movie that left us the latest in trailer clichés.

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