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  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock


    So I had no idea what this was about going in and watching it for about the first 30 minutes I was questioning if this was even a horror film but then when it finally hits it's pretty creep especially the part with the baby but not scary enough to recommend. After a while I got bored again and just felt like I was watching a crappy twilight zone episode.

  • Men & Chicken

    Men & Chicken


    What a crazy dark comedy. There's a lot of crazy stuff that happens in this movie but somehow I still found the characters charming and was rooting for them. Mads Mikkelson is great in this and this movie is pretty original. It may not be for everyone but I sure enjoyed it.

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  • Yesterday



    This film was cute with a cute idea but unfortunately the story feels like it's going in circles at times with the same storyline over and over again. Lily james is good and Himesh Patel is fine but nothing about this movie is that special even if you're a big Beatles fan I don't think it's a must see.

  • Rocketman



    This was basically a music video tribute to Elton John and I'm okay with that. Also Taron Egerton deserves a oscar nom.