Cannibal World ★★★ is closing its doors effective 7/31/2018, so I needed to clear out my watchlist and started with Mondo Cannibal. I’ve been putting off MC for a couple of years because I really need to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy or even tolerate a Bruno Mattei movie. While his oeuvre usually do have that not made by humans quality and Mattei usually does ladle on the exploitation ooze, his movies are also usually mean spirited cynical exercises of misanthropy which can be a bad time, man. (True story: Night of the Zombies put me off horror movies for almost an entire month.) As for Mondo Cannibal, it is the absurd Cannibal Holocaust rip off as made by Bruno Mattei that you think it is, but it is still more authentic than Green Inferno. Zing!

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