The Mask

The Mask ★★★½

PUT THE MASK ON NOW -Dr. Alan Barnes believes the Mask is a gateway to the sub conscious, something forgotten long ago and wants to study the mask in order to discovery ancient knowledge / insight. When the doctor puts the mask on, the viewers are treated to some of the cinema's greatest horror imagery. The Mask serves as an allegory for drugs or really any escapism (including cinephilia), but who could really blame the doctor (even if the Mask is driving him insane) when the rest of the film is so drab so PUT THE MASK ON NOW.
I watched this on Fandor. The Mask scenes were not in its original 3-D format. I originally saw The Mask when I was in grade school. Television channels would occasionally show 3-D movies as a minor event where you pick up your 3-D glasses at a local convenience store. The Mask features suicide and undercurrents of sexual perversion, and I would feel uneasy about showing my grade school aged daughter. I guess my parents were cooler than I am. Other 3-D movies watched back then included: Gorilla At Large, House of Wax, and of course Hondo.

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