Chinatown ★★★★★

"You know what happens to nosy fellows?"

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Polanski deserves every compliment, when we look at this film. He has changed the film noir genre with this picture. This is totally different genre from film noir. In film noir, protagonist must be hard-boiled and antagonist gets punished. The ending of the film must be clear and the crime must be resolved by protagonist. Unlike film noir, Chinatown's protagonist; J.J Gittes is incompetent and making mistakes. Antagonist is not punished. The crime is not resolved, and there is no resolution at the end of the film, so neo-noir genre has emerged in the cinema history with the help of screenwriter Robert Towne. This is one of the best screenplays in cinema history for me in recognition of its complexity and powerful dialogues. Robert Towne thought Jack Nicholson as J.J Gittes role before he had written the screenplay. Look at Jack Nicholson in that film, he is a legend and he is meant for this role. That makes him one of my favorite actors in the cinema history and makes this film one of my favorite films of all the time.

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