• Minnie the Moocher

    Minnie the Moocher


    Ghosts in jail

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High


    Look, I'm obviously not Team Penn, but I can't deny I'm 100% Team Spicoli. All I need is some tasty waves, and so on, dude.

    The rest is so scuzzy and Murrican. I don't want to outright dismiss it, because that would beg the question what cumming-of-age work I'm using as a reference standard. (Is American Pie a continuation of the Fast Times line of teenage entertainment, or John Hughes in disguise, or a different thing altogether?) Let me lay…

  • Hester Street

    Hester Street


    Hey! Shanah tovah y'all!

    This is a very assured debut. Emotionally, it remains deliberately cagey - instead of shoving squalor and poverty into our faces, Mrs. Silver presents an assembly of quaint little vignettes. From what I understand, the source material (Abraham Cahan's novella Yekl) carries the same humorous tone, so I appreciate her preserving that. Far off from the noise of New Hollywood, she's succeeded in crafting an unassuming homage to her grandparent's generation. Recommended if you enjoy trips to the history museum. An American Tail is the more political film though.

  • Family Romance, LLC

    Family Romance, LLC


  • Madame X: An Absolute Ruler

    Madame X: An Absolute Ruler

    Cuckoo bananas! I love you, Ulrike!

  • The First Love

    The First Love

    A sweet little short about a doe-eyed girl falling in love with a telescope-wielding schoolboy or maybe herself (both roles are played by the same actress). Heavily symbolist Czech New Wave/Eurokitsch style: all roses, dolls, and birdcages. Could be the first time I've seen a tarot reader in a Japanese film? Must-watch if you have bangs and collect vintage dresses.

  • Gaga: Five Foot Two

    Gaga: Five Foot Two

    How do people uncritically accept that this is the real Gaga when it takes a full 9 minutes before she says "I'm Italian and from New York"

  • The Perverse Countess

    The Perverse Countess


    Everyone knows I aspire to be reincarnated as a Perverse Countess, but knowing my luck, Samsara Inc. will misinterpret my request and send me back as this.

    This movie is as iconic as it is not-very-good! The score is a mess and the cinematography a mix between "Hey, let's try out this angle, I bet it'll look cool" (it does) and shaky shots or ones where you see the crew's shadow. Whatever, it's a wrap. I love how everyone reacts…

  • The FJ Holden

    The FJ Holden

    Lots of beers & cars & rootin. Invaluable as a time capsule with a focus on petrolhead/hoon culture. The material has a social realist edge - pretty depressing how Anne has to forgo higher education for a dead-end job so that she may take care of her two little brothers while their mother is AWOL - but it's played so lighthearted that slice-of-life is a better description. Anything more aggravating than banal bickering is kept at arm's length, and in this poetic…

  • La Soufrière

    La Soufrière


    So... does anyone else think this was a Binding-of-Isaac type of situation wherein sleepy cat man's faith prevented the eruption?

  • Succubus



    (When you wake) you're still in a dream. LSD sugar cubes and pastel blue wigs, a lovers' holiday in Lisbon and dawn over West-Berlin. In the city of barriers, Bill's Porsche circles around the sad, bombed-out Memorial Church guarded by its functionalist belfry. "The Rolling Stones? Not bad. Antiquated."

    White clothes don't so much denote innocence as they are blank canvasses or projection spaces. True red is a painful memory, silver the cosmic dimension of a drug trip. "Lorna Green"…

  • Summerfield


    Really hard not to overrate this little underdog. I found the plot a little thin - a mystery that isn't a mystery - but I love the shades of the Victorian summer sky as much as the next person. (Wait, is this even set in summer? It's probably July and they're all running around in thongs and tiny male hotpants. What do I know. Can we please bring back Daisy Dukes for men - they either look good or funny,…