The Rape of Recy Taylor

The Rape of Recy Taylor ★★★

The story of Recy Taylor and the broader idea of how things like this have been buried by history as well as some of the interviews showing how some people still chose to ignore what actually happened and who was effected but I never enjoyed the way it was filmed and, at times, the way it was presented. Jittery camera work, shots going in and out of focus, odd cuts and edits and spliced together footage, at times things are shown but not with context as to when or where this is happening, and there is so much of the film that is practically b-roll of locations and music or voice overs. It almost makes it feel like there wasn’t enough direct links to the specific topic at hand so it gets blended in with extended time fillers. I just couldn’t get behind a lot of the choices for screen time.

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