The American ★★★★

The American is a low intensity suspense thriller in the vain of Day of the Jackal (1973). It is filmed and directed in a very european style with sparse dialogue and washed out visuals, a lot of questions are raised throughout but expect few detailed answers.
Throughout everyone in the film is ambiguous and so are their motives, initially it seems that not a lot is happening but on reflection you are shown all you need to see to give you the chance to have your own ideas about what is going on.
This film is driven by another fine central performance by Clooney who has become one of the few actors whose name alone will make me take interest in a film. If you are lookng for another Bourne Identity then look elsewhere but if your prepared to invest your time in a deep character study of a man existing in a limbo of his own making trying to connect and escape, this could be for you.