Enola Holmes ★★½

Film 118

A  crude vehicle for Millie Bobby Brown to showcase her talents, but I had so much fun with this film! Most of the time the film was zooming in the fast lane and I kinda was in the mood for slow lane with Eleven; too much going on between breaking the 4th wall inconsistently to strange music choices to Superman playing Sherlock (!!!) to odd Fiona Shaw romantic suggestions. But that’s kind of a Netflix film, right? 


—Fiona Shaw’s glasses! 
—Netflix really dropped the ball not making this a TV series.  I bet they are kicking themselves right now. On the other hand, possible sequel titles include: Holmes Enola: Lost in New York, I Walk Enola Road the Only Road That I Have Ever Known, and Enola and Beezus so we have that to look forward to
—Millie Bobby Brown’s microexpressions are wonderful
—predictable twists and chaotic flashbacks
—the commitment to the Scrabble tiles bit was truly inspiring

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