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  • Ted Bundy

    Ted Bundy


    Following their unremarkable film about Ed Gein, British production company Tartan Films took on another infamous American serial killer with this far superior effort. Admittedly, it doesn't get off to a great start, with a 1974-set nightclub scene featuring 21st century decor and a DJ playing acid techno - did the filmmakers think that simply putting their Bundy in a brown suit was enough to make us think we're in the 70s? - but fortunately the rest of the movie…

  • The Killer Is Still Among Us

    The Killer Is Still Among Us


    Because this only seems to be available in a really rough bootlegged VHS rip, it's impossible to know whether it's a "well-made" film or not, leaving you only able to assess it on the story, acting, dialogue and violence. But mostly on the incredible stupidity that permeates it.

    Arguably it peaks when our amateur investigator heroine decides to visit a "voyeurs' bar", where all the local voyeurs go "to meet and discuss ideas", to see if she can spot the…

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  • City of the Living Dead

    City of the Living Dead


    Extract from HAMLET by William Shakespeare:

    Is she to be buried in Christian burial that
    wilfully seeks her own salvation?

    I tell thee she is: and therefore make her grave
    straight: the crowner hath sat on her, and finds it
    Christian burial.

    How can that be, unless she drowned herself in her
    own defence?

    It must be "se offendendo"; it cannot be else. For
    here lies the point: if I drown myself…

  • Brain Damage

    Brain Damage


    For my money, this movie has the greatest ever ratio of atmosphere per dollar of budget. I would say that its $900,000 bought about 15 atmospheres, which is 1.69 pascals per dollar.

    To put this in perspective, something like The Neon Demon is admittedly even more atmospheric than Brain Damage - it has maybe 40 atmospheres. But on a budget of $7 million, that's only 0.579 pascals per dollar. (There are 101,325 pascals in 1 atmosphere, and that's yer actual…