Free Fire

At a dock warehouse in 1970s America, around half a dozen predominantly Irish gangsters meet about the same number of local arms dealers to buy a stash of weapons, but beef between two of the lower-ranking members gets in the way, and the meeting descends into a very long gunfight that continues whilst the crims become progressively more injured. On paper, that sounds like a lot of fun, but unfortunately it's repetitive to the point of tedium. Guns aren't the most exciting weapons to watch being used against people, but director Ben Wheatley fails to recognise this and, a couple of moments aside, doesn't being much cinematic flair to the camerawork. The violence is a letdown too, with bullets mostly only causing small, 70s style circles of blood rather than satisfying explosions of gore. And Wheatley and Amy Jump's screenplay lazily tries to rely on the inherent stupidity of the situation, rather than adding any jokes. This may have worked better with an all-star cast, famous faces bringing existing identities to the oversized roster of one-note characters, but what we get is a minor action flick that's surprisingly boring.

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