Freehold ★★★

Hussein is an estate agent who dresses sharp for work, but smokes loads of weed and is prone to letting his small flat become a pigsty when his girlfriend Mel's not around. This leads to amusing scenes in which his secret lodger Orlan - who he has no idea exists, and who only emerges when he's out - has to leave everything in exactly the same disgusting state as he found it, after using tiny amounts of Hussein's food, drink and toiletries to keep himself alive and relatively hygienic. When Mel returns to London, Orlan's antics escalate, as he messes with their things to orchestrate rifts in their relationship, while also contaminating the kitchen equipment and poisoning Hussein's bathroom products. The couple's arguments take the form of naturalistic, probably improvised bickering; I'd have preferred something scripted and witty, but this works too. Of course, if you've seen 2011's Sleep Tight, then a lot of this will feel very familiar, and that's the film's big glaring flaw, especially given that Sleep Tight did it on a grander scale whereas here we never leave the confines of Hussein's home. Kudos has to go to Javier Botet, who appears as Orlan in an unhealthy-looking state of emaciation, an acting commitment you don't expect in such low-budget fare.

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