Raw ★★★★

There's something comfortably familiar about this twisted coming-of-age tale, with its university initiation ceremonies, student parties and even (recalling the likes of its Gallic predecessors In My Skin and Trouble Every Day) its very French take on body horror. Justine, a vet in training, transitions from strict vegetarianism to rabid cannibalism over the course of a few short weeks, after the final year students drench her and her peers in blood as part of a macabre ceremony. The film can be a bit confusing in its early stages: when it comes to the hectic dormitory raid, that's intentional. But the way that Justine goes from being covered in hives having been forced to gobble a rabbit's kidney, to suddenly stealing beefburgers and sneaking out for midnight kebabs suggests a few key scenes might've been lost on the cutting room floor. Not to worry - once she's consumed with negotiating her love-hate relationship with her sister, a crush on her gay best friend, and an increasing desire to munch down on some tasty homo sapiens meat, the film becomes a compelling descent into bloodlust. Great soundtrack too.

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