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This review may contain spoilers.

It's easy to see why I was disappointed by this when it came out, but as with all the Saw sequels, it's so much better as part of the ongoing story, which is - need I say again? - the greatest movie series ever made.

Perhaps it's a little strange that the traditional Jigsaw traps take a back seat in the second half of the film - the only one remaining is the one that Addison throws herself into without even playing the tape (and that was presumably intended as Amanda's ordeal). But Xavier going psycho is a brilliant substitute, and of course, one of the twists is that the whole thing is Eric's test.

And am I imagining it, or does the hooded figure doing the eye surgery in the opening "Venus fly trap" trap have a limp, almost as if it's a clue that it's Dr Gordon, something that won't be revealed until the seventh installment?

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