Who Goes There? In Search of The Thing

Who Goes There? In Search of The Thing ★★★

An interesting enough documentary about the making of The Thing, although the first third concerns itself with the original sci-fi novella and Howard Hawks's awful 1952 version.

What makes this different from most retrospective making-of features is that most of the talking heads are people that you wouldn't think of approaching first for their hands-on, frontline insight, ie producers, actors who aren't Ken Russell (edit: obviously I meant Kurt!), special effects artists who aren't Rob Bottin, and not a John Carpenter in sight.

That gives it a somewhat cheap feel, that I think the filmmakers have tried to add a touch of class to by overlaying Ennio Morricone's score throughout. Constantly. Overbearingly.

But your interest in the film will wax and wane depending on whether you're interested in production logistics, set construction or - surely the most exciting aspect - the splatter.