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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There's so much to be said about Fury Road.
    Max is a loner. A wanderer. Something terrible happened in his past. He let so many others die. Max has to carry that weight on his shoulders for the rest of his life.
    When he gets captured he needs to escape to save himself, where he eventually runs into Furiosa. At first, he has no interest in helping her. He just needs a way out. He sees the strength and determination…

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Shame! they said. Non-Canon, they said! Rian Johnson ruined Star Wars, they said.

    Guys, did you even watch The Last Jedi? Because what I just witnessed was the best Star Wars experience since Empire Strikes Back.
    Rian Johnson directs the shit out of the movie. He puts all the pieces into place. Rian said it himself. As the middle chapter in the Trilogy, he wanted to focus on the characters and story. And he does it all with ease. Every…

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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    "Dear Delores,
    Sometimes you remind me of a house."

    Green Book really gave me the feels! What a delightful film of friendship and acceptance, in a world most unaccepting. A story of growth.

    Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen are true professionals and have a fun chemistry about them and seemed to have a good time filming it. Green Book has a good balance of being funny, heartfelt, and emotional, and pulled the right strings for me.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Question: You know what was a really good movie about a band that stars Lucy Boynton and Aiden Gillen?

    Answer: SING STREET

    Honestly, the best part of Bohemian Rhapsody is when Mike Myers tells the band that they won't be that band that teenagers headbang to in their cars.
    And while recording the "operatic section" the screen cuts to a chicken singing "Galileoooo". Classic.

    Okay, I'm done poking fun.
    Bohemian Rhapsody is entertaining, and I do love Queen and the…

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  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    "You're going to want to get good and fucked up before this meal."

    In this psycho-noir epic tale, Paul Thomas Anderson delivers a thick cloud of deep dialogue and intense performances than entrances it's viewers.
    The narrative by Joanna Newsom is wonderful and a welcome addition to the style.
    As usual, Jonny Greenwood's score is spot on with the overall tone.

    Paul Thomas Anderson proves again that he is one of the best working today, and Inherent Vice is a unique addition to his arsenal.

  • Taken 3

    Taken 3


    Well, the third installm3nt in the trilogy comes Tak3n.
    And as exp3cted, it was a total trainwr3ck.
    In the first act, it seems like it tries SO hard to be differ3nt, little annoying nods to th3 oth3rs, and all that it accomplish3s is to be corny and riddl3d with overdone dialogue.
    Th3n aft3r Tak3n takes off, it b3comes the same song and dance. Only, well, worse.
    Liam N33son does what he can with what he is giv3n, but For3st Whitak3r…