It Follows

It Follows ★★★★★

The plot is simple: 'It' follows you until you have sex with someone, then it follows them. But if it gets them, it comes straight back for you.

This film is a true gem in a genre that often relies upon cheap scares and rehashed ideas. The 'it' in It Follows is always steadfast and relentless and the concept behind it is simplistic yet terrifying. Although there are a few score swells and sudden grabs, they are played up perfectly and most of the tension relies solely on the anticipation and the unknowing.

To add to the unique premise is a sometimes jarring but perfect synth score with an 80's feel along with settings and props that are pulled straight from the 70's that give a certain timelessness and nostalgia to the film.

The cinematography, direction, and soundtrack are simply amazing, but the film isn't without a few simple faults such as the plan near the climax, but even that is ultimately handled well and the setting is perfect. All in all this is a one of a kind high-concept movie executed perfectly.