Eighth Grade ★★★★½

Eighth Grade was awesome, what a great and honest coming of age story. What makes Eighth Grade stand out from others in the same genre is how successfully it portrays growing older. The awkwardness, the acne, the weird obsessive crushes, making small things like going to a pool party feel like a war zone, it is all so relatable and transports me back into that state of mind of years ago.

Eighth Grade is not only relatable to those who are adults but also relatable to those in the generation depicted.Eighth Grade is not written by someone in their fifties trying act like they know what it is like to be a youth today, it doesn't feel artificial or like something is off. The way the film incorporates new issues like tech and meme culture may be cringy at first but only helps add more to the realism.

I have a younger sister the same age as Kayla and she reminds me so much of her, which only made the impact of this film all that much stronger. Bo Burnham did a great job with this debut. Highly recommend this one.

Side Note: Prime Video is quietly stepping up their streaming game with a bunch of great films recently.

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