Asteroid City

Asteroid City ★★★★½

i made a letterboxd account just to talk about this thing and i tell ya h'what i had a weird little time surrounding it

on the 20th of june i watched grand budapest hotel on impulse cuz i was looking for something to watch on disney+, and was so impressed by it, that i decided to just see every other wes anderson movie for the first time. a couple days later on the 22nd i discovered asteroid city had released - i had no prior knowledge of this - so i guess fate convinced me into buying a ticket and watching it after all the others.

watching this guy's whole filmography in about a week, one after the other like a TV series, gave me a real weird perspective on movies that stand individually as their own stories. noticing the recurring themes, the shared visual style that developed with time, the same handful of actors that appear in nearly all of them, made it feel like i was watching a series of stage plays from the same production group.

so asteroid city has next to none of them in its main story. the usual guys are the ones we see behind the scenes, this wouldn't be noticeable unless you were familiar with anderson's other movies, and i have no idea if it actually means anything but it's fun to me that i got the vibe of a stage production from all the others and now here's a movie actually about a stage production.

over time i noticed the style of anderson's movies shift from steady character dramas into these way more conceptual, way more complex productions. asteroid city, being the most recent, is also the hardest to follow in my opinion. like, i get it, but man what was that ending all about??? it was super enjoyable though. i'll need to watch it again sometime. i may have missed the point entirely. also i loved the feller the guy the the dude the yknow

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