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  • Soul



    I think Pixar's quality has predominantly dipped since they started falling back on sequels. While this and Coco seem to be an attempt to get back to that heart that made their earlier original offerings so good, I think this falls down whereas Coco flies.

    Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad. Its just muddled. There are some very interesting scenes and concepts here and when they work, it tugs on all the right heartstrings. But in between, its a…

  • Educating Rita

    Educating Rita


    In some ways, I've already seen this many times. My mum was a mature student after having me and my brother young and having no qualifications, and I always remembered her watching this when I was a kid so there were still scenes I could still remember vividly, even though it was nearly 30 years ago. We also went to see the play in Liverpool a few years ago, which is always worth seeing.

    Its about bettering yourself. In the…

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  • Oliver & Company

    Oliver & Company


    The Big Disney Challenge 27/56

    This seems to be a very unpopular one for a lot of Disney fans, but I always loved it as a kid, had a book version etc. One of those I was a little concerned would have lost its shine over the years. Surprisingly though, I probably enjoyed it more.

    Negatives first, my only copy of this was a horrendous pirate VHS so I always thought that despite enjoying it, it was quite ugly and…

  • Grease



    Thank you Cineworld for screening one of my favourites on it's 40th anniversary, seeing it in a pretty crowded cinema with an enthusiastic audience is something we just dont get enough of! More reruns of classics outside of Halloween please!

    Ive seen this film so many times, though not for a few years, so it felt fresh (even if I still knew most of the dialogue by heart...). It's a film I can always keep coming back to. Most musicals…