Toy Story

Toy Story ★★★½

The Big Pixar Rewatch 1/19

Possibly as revolutionary at the time as Snow White was nearly 60 years earlier, the first feature length fully computer animated film has completely changed the surface of animation with a medium that has advanced so quickly, that Toy Story already looks dated in just 2 decades.

But while it may be a landmark for how it was made, it is also a very good film. Pixar assembled an excellent voice cast, the lovely Randy Newman to do the music, and a fantastically funny and witty script for a memorable cast of characters.

Best Song: You Got a Friend In Me
This song has become the signature song of the Toy Story series, and with good reason. It sums up exactly where the heart of the story is, and that's in the love and friendship between Woody and Andy, but also all the toys for each other.

Best Scene:
I always absolutely loved the whole sequence after Buzz breaks his arm and is 'rescued' by Sid's little sister who dresses him for a tea party as Mrs Nesbitt with "Marie Antoinette and her little sister!" It's a very funny scene, especially slapping sense into Buzz by hitting him with his own arm!

As An Adult:
There were a few little jokes I noticed that went completely over my head as a kid, but I'm now old enough to get! Most memorably Mr Potato Head taking off his lips and signifying kiss ass early on!

Did I Cry?
I think this is one of very few that didn't make me cry actually, as an adult or a kid! Not that that a a bad thing, the sequels provided more than enough of that...

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