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  • Betty Tells Her Story

    Betty Tells Her Story


    Director Liane Brandon described the decision to structure her short film as two successive tellings of the same story as one borne in part out of inexperience; she tried cutting the two tellings together, but never found any workable solution; instead, she elected to break the rules and put both out as is. I can't imagine any other way I'd want it.
    There's a mesmeric quality to Betty's storytelling—she is a natural and wonderful storyteller, and I'm incredibly glad Brandon…

  • Slackers



    I'd love to see a version of this movie that ditches the Teen Sex Comedy 101 earnestness with Devon Sawa & Jaime King's characters and devotes itself more fully to the incredibly weird stuff going on with Jason Schwartzman's character & performance and all the weird, surreal stuff happening on the edges. There's a kind of Wet Hot American Summer/The Cable Guy hybrid to be had in there somewhere.
    I feel like the movie we did get is probably objectively bad, but…