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  • TiMER



    Seem to remember liking this on first watch. Guess I shouldn't have watched it a second time.

  • My Brother the Devil

    My Brother the Devil

    I found it a hard to understand the black-ney accents in this at times and I can't imagine what it must be like living in these areas of London. All these twatty little gangsters posturing around and everyone trying to look tougher than everyone else. They've all begun stabbing each other now too which speaks volumes about the mentality there. The film was a bit dull to be honest. I was looking at my phone within 15 minutes which is…

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  • Bokeh



    Such a shame so few understood this movie. Even when the title kinda gives it away. It doesn't matter what event happened (or why), this is a film purely about how 2 people react in different ways to that event. One person acts practically (the male) and the other acts emotionally to it. The guy doesn't realize the devastating effect the loss of friends and family is having on his girlfriend as he's just happy the two of them are…

  • Anna and the Apocalypse

    Anna and the Apocalypse


    I sometimes gibber on way more than I need to when reviewing stuff so here's my review for this (because I'm not wasting the skin on my typing finger) This is bloody awful. If you took the little bits of gore out (none at all shows up until halfway through) this could easily be some children's TV show. The singing does not make it quirky, and the Z make up looks like someone got one of those make up kits…