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  • Tread



    This was bloody awesome haha. Killdozer on the rampage. 😀😃

  • Shirley



    I was bored.

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  • Bokeh



    Such a shame so few understood this movie. Even when the title kinda gives it away. It doesn't matter what event happened (or why), this is a film purely about how 2 people react in different ways to that event. One person acts practically (the male) and the other acts emotionally to it. The guy doesn't realize the devastating effect the loss of friends and family is having on his girlfriend as he's just happy the two of them are…

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    Much maligned and misunderstood. This isn't for the mainstream and it's not even that easy to see the full directors cut. But getting all self righteous over a fictional screenplay (and a bit of latex) is a bit silly really. It's really well made and it's not easy anymore making a film (in the 21st century) that shocks people. Looks like this did. Proud to own the directors cut myself.