Roma ★★★★★

My god! This film completely floored me and i can definitely feel comfort in proclaiming this film as an absolute masterpiece! Where do i start? Well, I'll start with the obvious. The cinematography is some of the best I've ever seen in my life. Every shot is set up to perfection and framed in a way that you could find yourself taking any shot of this film and hanging it on your wall and it would look great. This is also a great example of black and white cinematography that's reminiscent of SIN CITY.

The story is also potent and does a good job of defying the mainstream three act plot structure that we're all familiar with while still managing to have a hard emotional punch. In fact, there are scenes in this film that are genuinely disturbing that shook me to my core. That's not to say that this film is devoid of any joy. I actually found there to be quite a few uplifting moments. Another way in which this film benefits from the unconventional plot structure is the feeling that your peaking in at a slice of life of this middle class family in Mexico City. Also, this film despite being focused on a very small and intimate story has a very gargantuan sense of scale in its historical backdrop which is the student massacre of 1972.

All of the performances are also magnificent. I feel that Alfonso Cuaron made a good choice in casting unknowns and non-professional actors in this film because not once did the film break the illusion that i was watching something that felt like real life!

Overall, I can safely say that this film joins other films that i consider to be perfect cinema like "FIGHT CLUB", "THE DARK KNIGHT", "PULP FICTION", "TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY", "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE", "MEMENTO" and etc. I am going to give this film a fully unadulterated 10 out of 10!