Shaun of the Dead ★★★★★

Shaun of the Dead is a 2004 British comedy about a guy named Shaun who feels like he is stuck in his life and is struggling in his relationship with his girlfriend Lizzie until a zombie apocalypse changes his life forever and forces him to mature into a better person. This film holds a dear place in my heart as it was the first film that I saw that was a British comedy. I had only seen episodes of Monty Python which was my only exposure to British humor at the time. So It would be an understatement to say that this is one of my favorite films of all time. This film is what I would call an objectively great film that has nothing wrong with it at all! The first thing that i would note is Simon Pegg’s performance as the titular character Shaun. He is just perfect for this role and seeing as this was the first time I noticed him as an actor, He pretty much blew me away with the range that he could pull off. This would be even more noticeable later on in his career! Another great thing about this film is the script! The script is so sharp, witty and well-written that I would go as far to say that I put up there as one of the best comedy scripts ever written! This film is also just flat out hilarious in the sense that plays with zombie film tropes that you would see in films like “Night Of The Living Dead”, “Dawn Of The Dead” and “Day Of The Dead” and does it so well that it provides a fresh and subversive take on the zombie genre as whole! This film also has a plethora of hidden jokes and Easter eggs all over the place that you can spot on repeat viewings which gives the film incredible rewatchability! Also, the loads of reincorporation and running gags is especially clever and hilarious! Lastly, the best aspect of this film is the overall visual aesthetic! This film proves that comedies can be visually stylized and cool to look at. This is because the director Edgar Wright is a filmmaking genius as he employs numerous techniques that give the film a fast paced and stylized edge that most if not all comedies lack. The first and most noticeable example of this is the rapid fire editing that satirizes tool up montages in action films. It’s not only a great visual gag but it makes everyday mundane routine look bad ass and edgy! Also, the frequent use of whip pans helps complement the film’s rapid fire pacing as well! Lastly, the cinematography is also great as Edgar Wright did a great job making the film look like a George Romero zombie film which makes the jokes all the more funnier because they are taking place in an authentic recreation of the films that they are satirizing!  This film also has a great electronic score by David Arnold who is known mostly for his work on the James Bond franchise. The score also complements the pacing and edge quite well and does a good job at replicating the feel of the music of the type films that this one is satirizing in particular! Overall, Shaun Of The Dead is one of the best comedies ever made and also one of the best zombie films ever. The film script and it’s stylized edge give a bump up from most comedies that are made in the Hollywood machine and I am giving this one an unadulterated A+!