Trick 'r Treat ★★★★½

Finally! It’s October already which means I finally have an excuse to talk about some of my favorite horror films. What a better way to kick off my favorite month with a good cult classic like this one! Let me start right off with my favorite aspect of this film. This is one of those few films that nails the atmosphere of the Halloween season in a way that is only rivaled pretty much by John Carpenter’s Halloween. This is achieved by excellent set design, costume design and clever shot structure and cinematography that does a great job at utilizing an incredibly garish brown and orange color palette that compliments the holiday perfectly! It also features some great practical effects that are genuinely impressive to behold. They always remind of Stan Winston’s work. Anyhow, The script is also incredibly unconventional in the best way in the sense that it doesn’t follow the traditional three act plot structure and basically just goes where it wants to go. This kept me on the edge throughout the entire runtime. The script is also great because it takes a lot of cliches and tropes that are common ground in the horror genre and flips them over on their head. This is definitely one of the best horror screenplays ever written. I also feel that the casting was incredibly effective. You’ll definitely find your share of underrated character actors that you would find in a lot of b-movies like Brian Cox and so forth! Overall, Trick R’ Treat is an incredibly satisfying horror anthology film that is heavy on atmosphere and is perfect to get you amped up for Halloween and I’m giving it a nine out of ten! Be sure to check this page for more horror reviews this month!