Unbreakable ★★★★★

There are many people that consider "The Sixth Sense" their favorite M. Night Shyamalan film but there is very small but vocal minority that proclaims that M. Night Shyamalan's magnum opus is a little film called "Unbreakable". I just so happen to be a card-carrying member of the cult following that "Unbreakable" has accumulated since the early 2000's. "Unbreakable" was very misunderstood when it first came out in the year 2000 but it has since gone through a critical re-evaluation and is now seen by most people as an overlooked masterpiece because of its grounded and mature interpretation of comic book and superhero mythology. In my opinion, This film is extremely ahead of it's time because in the year 2000 and before, comic book films hadn't come into their own like they have now with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-MEN films and Deadpool and other extravagant properties that we see now. In fact, The only good superhero films that we had were "Richard Donner's Superman", "Tim Burton's Batman", "Bryan Singer's X-MEN" and "Blade".

So to see this kind of interpretation of the Superman origin story that is super grounded was extremely revolutionary not only at that time but is still extremely ahead of its time and i am glad it is getting a sequel. The film stars Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, and Robin Wright and it is about a baseball diamond security guard named David Dunn who is the only survivor of a fatal train crash who then meets a comic book gallery owner named Elijah Price who suggests that their are people walking this earth that have super powers and David just so happens to be one that is completely invincible. David then goes on a journey to re-discover himself.

Firstly, All of the performances in this film are amazing because every actor is able to communicate so much emotional range without coming across as trying too hard. Bruce Willis gives what is in my opinion his greatest dramatic performances because as stated before he is able to communicate so many emotions without saying too much or trying too hard. For example, in the very first scene after the opening credits we see all in one take that he removes his wedding ring and then tries to ask out a woman who decides to sit next to him and tells her about his fear of water. This should serve as a lesson to all screenwriters on how to effectively set up your main character in the least amount of time without using too much exposition. Another great performance in the film is Samuel L. Jackson who also does a great job at showing a lot of history and backstory behind him without not coming across as trying too hard.

Another amazing quality about this film is the art direction and the use of colors. M. Night Shyamalan decided to use certain color schemes to represent both David Dunn and Elijah Price. David Dunn had the color of green on his security poncho, his lockers at work are green and his whole house is painted green. Elijah Price is represented by the color purple with his jacket and other elements as well. The color schemes may not have much of a deeper meaning but it still shows a sense of extreme attention to detail from both M. Night Shyamalan and the art department.

Also worth noting is James Newton Howard's beautifully haunting score which reflects the overall theme of trauma and fate. The opening theme is easily one of my favorite openings theme's of all time along with John Carpenter's Halloween and the Raiders Of The Lost Ark theme.

Another Beautiful quality of the film is the cinematography and/or shot structure. You can tell that the director and his cinematographer put a lot of time and effort planning the shots so that they closely resembled the structure of comic book panels. For example, M. Night Shyamalan decided to shoot conversation and dialogue scenes with wide takes instead of opting for the traditional and done to death shot-reverse shot style that we've all gotten used to at this point.

Lastly, This movie has a great and methodical pace to it which allows you to take in the atmosphere of this grounded comic book universe and thus immersing you in it as if you're in it yourself.

Overall, This film has stood the test of time in more ways than one. It's interpretation of the superman mythology is extremely interesting and unique and It is easily my favorite M. Night Shyamalan film to date and can't wait to see "Glass" this thursday! This one is absolutely getting a fucking 10 out of 10!