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This review may contain spoilers.

2019 has officially been kickstarted! This film was one of my most anticipated of this year and I can safely say that my patience has completely payed off! Before I give my official consensus on this film i am going to give my background on Jordan Peele. I was first exposed to Key and Peele when I was a teenager and while it may not be as great as In Living Color, I still found it be a solid sketch comedy show that did a good job at satire. However, when I first heard that Jordan Peele decided to quit television to pursue a career in film I was very intrigued. I then saw his directorial debut Get Out and needless to say, I was blown away by how subversive and suspenseful it was all at the same time.

So I was extremely excited and nervous at the same timeto hear that he was doing a follow-up called US. So what do I think? Well, I can safely say that he has definitely made an amazing spiritual successor to his last film that shows that he is most certainly not a one hit wonder! 

I am going to get the few negatives I have with the film out of the way so I can end strong! The only real negative I have is an exposition dump that happens at the third act that I felt could’ve been done visually but that’s just a very small nitpick in an otherwise fantastic film!

The first positive I have for the film is that every single performance is excellent but the real stand out performance in this film comes from Lupita N’yongo who I feel should at least get an Oscar nomination but unfortunately the Academy doesn’t give a shit about horror!  I also found the whole family dynamic between all four of our main characters to be genuinely effective which made the suspenseful moments all that more tense because you actually give a shit about the characters in the situation that they are in. Also, I found the kills in this film to be effective and brutal like in Get Out. The score in the film is also amazing and does a good job at making the whole film feel tense and disturbing. I also loved the use of the licensed soundtrack as an element of symbolism along with the rest of the symbolic properties of the whole film. One area in which I found this film to be an improvement over Get Out was the cinematography and editing. One of the few flaws I had with Get Out was that I felt the cinematography could’ve been little bit more visually interesting and a bit more atmospheric. This film has a lot more effort put in to the technical aspects of it which in turn made it a lot more atmospheric. That also helped keep me on the edge for most of the running time. Lastly, Jordan Peele proves himself again to be very detail oriented because film has so many details that you can pick up on when you rewatch it. He definitely has lot to say with this film. 

Before I give my analysis of it I will warn you that this part of my review will be spoiler-filled. My interpretation of this film is that Jordan Peele is trying to warn us about income inequality in America and the divide between the rich and the poor and that gap has gotten so big in recent years. I also feel that he is making a statement about being our worse enemies and the concept of duality. That the way I see it right now but I could be missing a lot more and my perspective will most probably change the more I rewatch and pick up other little details that I missed on my first viewing.

Overall, I feel that Jordan Peele has made another subversive suspense film that asks a lot of great questions while still being entertaining and if he keeps going on this great path then he will definitely be able to join the ranks of other horror masters like John Carpenter, Wes Craven, James Wan and George Romero. I’m giving this film a 9 out of 10.

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