Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★½

Vastly underrated
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I've got to be honest, every time I watch this Superhero film I thoroughly enjoy it. It's quirky has loads of action and the story is fine too what's not to like. I even think the black/venom SpiderMan twist puts the cherry on the cake for me.I know this film is much maligned and misunderstood in the Letterboxd community, but it's all good from my perspective.
I especially like the Jazz Club scene when Peter is showing off with his new girl in front of Mary-Jane, the catalyst to him ripping off the venom black spider-man suit. One of the few times Toby Maguire seems to let go and start acting.
The whole trilogy is a joy, and it'a a shame these heights have not been matched in subsequent Spider-Man movies, especially in the MCU. Also with another ending spawning grief for Spider-man. Fun movie.

Story intro - Peter Parker plans to propose to Mary Jane Watson, who has made her Broadway musical debut. In Central Park, a meteorite lands near the two, and an extraterrestrial symbiote follows Peter to his apartment by attaching to his motorbike. Harry Osborn, knowing Peter is Spider-Man, seeks to avenge his father Norman's death.[a] Using Norman's performance-enhancing gas and Green Goblin technology, he battles Peter to an eventual stalemate, developing partial amnesia. Meanwhile, police pursue escaped convict Flint Marko, who visits his wife and sick daughter before fleeing. Falling into an experimental particle accelerator that fuses his body with the surrounding sand, he gains the ability to control and reform his body with sand, becoming Sandman.

During a festival honoring Spider-Man for saving Gwen Stacy's life, Peter kisses her to please the crowd, angering Mary Jane. Marko then robs an armored truck and escapes after defeating Spider-Man.

Re-Watched with my daughter.
Watched on Dvd from the Trilogy boxset.
Started watching 2nd Nov 23'.
Sam Raimi Films Ranked
100 Great Films

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