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  • The Girl in the Book

    The Girl in the Book


    The stories we hear about this subject are almost standard behavior. Generally those who take advantage of the situation of fragility and vulnerability of the victims are the people closest to the families. Already the film has a thematic material but its direction is devoid of any emotion, the film is quite cold. Now the theme is a reality that we can not simply ignore.

  • Dheepan



    A film that brings important reflections recurrent to the subject of the immigration, a theme for there of urgent !!

    Unfortunately, his last 20 minutes weaken the whole.The final part sounds artificial, lacking the same care and precision of what was created earlier. But it's still a good movie.

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  • Victoria



    The film is not just a story of crazy love at first sight, and clearly it's not just a story of an assault. It is a film about a young woman who, lost in the loneliness of her life, agrees to do everything so that, at least for the least amount of time, she can get out of the state in which her life is. In the state in which she was, no matter what or who would appear in…

  • Don't Breathe

    Don't Breathe


    The dog deserves the Oscar of supporting actor.