My King

The Movie masterfully explores an abusive relationship and what consequences it can bring to a person's life.

Is very subtle to show the abuses there, so much so that at the beginning the impression is that Georgio shows himself to be a character even passionate, which justifies in a way the feeling that Tony had for him. Throughout the film, however, the situation is reversing, showing that Georgio is not quite that, causing not only Tony to be caught by surprise, but also us spectators.

The plot turns and Georgio generates even repulsiveness, in which even in the final moments in which Tony arrives in a certain way to "ask his release" to Georgio who for 10 years parasitized his life: "Now I want to be happy, let me be happy , if you really love me, you must want me to be, so let me be happy, "the feeling is of a lump in the throat.

One addition is that Georgio never needed to beat Tony to have done a damage. Often psychological abuse can be far more harmful and aggressive than physical violence itself. "You want a medal for never having hit me?"

Relationships such as the one approached in the film, however much they may cause us a certain astonishment at being portrayed in a crude / organic way, are recurrent, and can easily generate a process of identification, either with something that has already occurred to us or with people we know, and because of this the nuisance generated is almost inevitable.