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This review may contain spoilers.

Look, at this point, you're either onboard with Fast and Furious or you're not. If you go into it looking for a prime example of filmmaking or just wanting to hate it, don't. But if you go into expecting an over-the-top fun action movie, you're in for a treat.

F9 I think is a mass improvement over Fate. Now that Hobbs and Shaw are off doing their own thing and King Justin Lin is back, it's just a blast. I will say there are many points where they become a little too self-aware which can get annoying and despite having the time of her life, Charlize Theron is just not that interesting of a villain as Cipher. Plus, John Cena is surprisingly kind of underused in the movie.

But you know what? I got some cool action, Mia finally being an active character for the first time since Five, Han is back, Ramsey gets to be an actual character, Tej and Roman go to space. Michael Rooker?! Come on, I can't hate a movie where Michael Rooker appears. Plus, we got an epic Toyko Drift reunion (though the lack of Neela is disappointing; Justin Lin, I'm begging you: bring her back).

Look, I spent all week writing long paragraphs of this franchise. F9 is just getting fragmented sentences. It's a mess but it's a fun mess. 10 and 11 can't come sooner.

I have learned to fully stop hating and love the Dom.

"Salute mi familia"- Dominic Torreto

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