Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★½

I’ll give MIB International that it at least tries to world-build and move the franchise forward than just try to force Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to make it work. Because let’s face it the first MIB was lighting in a bottle that can’t be replicated again (even though I will stand by and say MIB 3 is very underrated) so trying something different rather than reboot was a good idea in my opinion. Plus Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson continue to show their chemistry and Kumail Nanjiani is a blessing to behold. Aside from that, this is basically a “fine” movie. It’s honestly not the shitstorm that many are making it out to be. With that said, Sony continues their grand tradition of making their big franchise films as nothing but a product. I would’ve love to see this film with F. Gary Gray having total creative freedom since I enjoyed both Friday and Straight Outta Compton. As it is, it’s just a generic buddy cop mystery film with obvious plot twists that are blatantly foreshadowed in on the nose dialogue by Liam Neeson (yeah he’s the surprise villain, shocker). The effects are decent, but lacks the franchise’s blend of puppetry and CG. Yeah, there nothing else to really say about this film is just painfully average.

Also, thanks Liam Neeson for proving my point on my Crimes of Grindelwald review that if someone says they hate Paris, they’re the villain.

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