A Fistful of Dollars

A Fistful of Dollars ★★★½

52 Years In 52 Weeks: 2021 Edition

1. 1964

Look at me watching something that isn't a horror film imao. Who am I even anymore?

So, I have very limited experience with the whole western genre but it feels like one of those genres that has developed so many tropes over the years that you can feel as if you've seen a lot of westerns without actually having seen a lot of them. That rings true here as well. The mysterious stranger riding into a sleepy little town to have hectic stare downs and gun fights with the local bad guys seems like the kind of story that any and all cartoons that you watched as a kid drew inspiration from in at least one episode.

The casual disarment of entire leagues of nasty western folks was amusing, a single guy shooting like 5 guys in a matter of seconds will never not be cool! But I guess I wasn't ready for this to have such a tangled web of family rivalries taking up most of the runtime. Or maybe it wasn't a very complex story at all, and I was just bored to look at these types explaining the intricate details of their villainous schemes instead of acting out said villainous schemes. Or maybe I'm just a dumb plebe who haven't fully adjusted to the feel of a good ol' western? Whatever, there were plenty of great action sequences here and the sad little western town makes for an atmospheric setting. Maybe I will grow to enjoy the rest of Sergio Leone's Dollar trilogy. The last film in the trilogy seems to be hailed as a masterpiece around these here parts.

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