Day of the Dead ★★★★½

Spooky Scary Horrorthons 4 - Film #19

D'aaaaw Bub is just the most precious little zombie ever. If there's a chance that zombies will end up like him I will welcome the zombie apocalypse with open arms.

Yeah so this is my favorite in Romero's Dead trilogy by far. It just kept me hooked all the way through, something that I couldn't say about Night or Dawn of the Dead. Whereas the earlier parts of the trilogy took place in an early stage of the acocalypse, Day takes place in later stage, where the zombies are starting to rot and society has fallen to a point were paper money litter the streets like trash.

The last remnants of human society are a small group of soldiers, scientists and pilots who are starting to fall apart due to constant conflicts. With a group consisting of characters such as a hammy military leader and a wacky scientist who believe that zombies are redeemable (in the case of Bub he is absolutely right <3) there is never a dull moment.

Near the end of the film the bunker is overrun by zombies and the militarymen are reduced to shrieking chunks of flesh while the remaining scientists and pilots escape. As the bunker is emptied of people you get the sense that the zombies are more human than the actual humans. Trashing around and eating flesh as if it was candy, they seem happy. Hopefully Bub can start a bookclub or something to make some new friends.

The ending is happy, with the last human survivors taking a breather on a remote island. But there is still a sense that things can turn bad at any moment. Like the other solutions in the Dead trilogy, this is probably only a temporary moment of peace.

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