Gothika ★★★

Horror Hunt #43 (January 2022)

13. Horror Noire list

gothika is so cool i wish mental illnesses were real

Halle Berry is an upbeat and successful psychiatrist who is working her days away at a mental institution... Or is she??!! Following a mysterious car crash, Berry finds herself locked up in the same institution where she once worked after allegedly axing her husband to death. But did she really do it?! Is she insane?! Are the ghosts of the mental institution gonna help her find out what REALLY happened? Yeah, probably... Would be a short and uneventful film if they didn't...

Now, this isn't terribly great or anything.. But as far as these mid 2000s horror thrillers that take themselves far too seriously go it isn't terrible or anything. There is some decent atmosphere going on and, let's be real, 99,99% of the marketing for this film being all like "Hey look! Our film has Halle Berry in it!! She won an OSCAR©!" was the right thing to do because Halle Berry carries this thing on her back. This is a case of a film being one dull lead role away from being glorified straight-to-dvd-trash. And... This is still kinda glorified straight-to-dvd-trash, but it is some pretty good straight-to-dvd-trash with a good lead!

Oh, and if you needed a sure way to date this film then that Limp Bizkit end credits song will do you well. At some point we as a society stopped putting nu metal in everything and we lost something along the way... This film caused me to listen to Behind Blue Eyes for the entire rest of the evening (And I am even listening to that masterpiece music kino song as I write this!). I'm not saying we could have evaded covid if you all listened to more Limp Bizkit... But I think it would have made a difference.

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